Worklog 002


This week has been active.  I made a first painting of Mitch. It reveals to me that the painting needs more love, as it feels rough and clumsy.  I am working on a painting of a show dog at this moment.  I am really trying to slow down in the moment to moment mark making. I am trying to recognize the marks that I find distracting later and not make them to begin with.  I have been obsessing over Thomas Ruff’s work.  His work is so dry, I aspire to make something that feels as dry.    

I feel my practice moving forward, which at its most basic is what I want.  Specifics about paintings seem like the wrong place to focus.  Simply making seems to be the important thing for me, as the act holds pleasure for me and connecting to that impulse is restorative. I’ve dedicated 14 hours to the practice this week.  Connecting to reading has been challenging, I find myself lost in the language of images more than text.  

Key take aways from last weeks meeting include:

  • Just say “Thank you.”
  • Narrative at its simplest is change over time.
  • Government as the occult.
  • Creating space in the McConnell painting is a matter of creating beauty.
  • The portrait as deteriorated Landscape
  • Work that is an empty vessel, ready to relieve the burden of the viewers narrative.