This week has been really active for my art practice.  I have been building on the idea that art is important work for myself, and to take it seriously as if it is my job.

My work feels obscured from my sense of knowing and mastery.  This space of “obscured from my sense of knowing and mastery”, I am discovering, is important for growth and I am seeking it out in every stream connected to my practice.  The sense of ease in my practice has been just a general sense of love and care for art.  I enjoy making these practices, even though they challenge me or absolutely because they challenge me.

I have been reading a lot of books around the subject of work and economics.  Jay Dalio’s Principles being the most interesting.  That book has me more inspired to be experience fear and pain. I also read December by Klüge.  That book was fantastic.  Definitely a work I’d like to re-read and try to extract more from.

I have been looking at the paintings of Cecily Brown.  I am taken by the way she occupies the space with lots of small vague forms and marks that lead to an image that resembles the richness of nature.  I love the level of abstraction to representation she presents.

These two paintings are on my wall/in progress.

They feel like they are touching something, though they feel too flat for my liking, and not fully expressed.  I think adding more contrast in color and form could be what activates them.

After another painting session some forms are beginning to take shape but I am also now losing clarity and unity.  It seems like the next steps would be to create more clarity by making a large shape and also clarify existing forms. The dots feel like an add on after the fact but maybe after successive layers they will take on more meaning.  This painting could definitely slide into mud but risk needs to happen to see what is possibly there.