Commissions, Collecting, and Pricing


The best possible outcome of this project, as far as I am concerned, is that our lives, our spaces, our community are enriched through the sacred process of sharing art.

$1000 for a commissioned piece.

The categories I’m receiving commissions within are abstraction, landscape, waves, and portraits.  If you decide you want to commission we will meet for 30 minutes to an hour to chat about ideas and inspirations. If you have photos and references it is great to bring those to the consultation.  The size format that I am interested in ranges from 16×20 to 36×36. It can be larger or smaller depending on the idea and composition that feels natural to the subject of the work, but this will generally be range of sizes.  You can expect the works to look like evolutions on existing works depicted on my website, though I will be pushing my own boundaries as an artist with every work.

If you want to commission a painting email me at

If you want to collect an existing artwork please email me, and we can chat about pricing etc.  Dimensions are included with the picture to give you an idea of size.

Here I’ll share some thoughts about specifics around pricing as they relate to my business.  These will change and be modified over time but I think my own understanding of how to make this practice more sustainable as a business will evolve.  $1000 is a sort of even round number and though it is certainly a significant portion of money, I believe it gives access to a wider selection of people interested in art collecting, while not completely devaluing my time and the materials.  Existing works on paper can be priced lower, as the material costs are lower, and they sort of pop into existence.  Email me for more specifics about works within the archive.

If you have any questions or thoughts about how to improve this process please let me know!

Thank you for your interest in my practice.