Notre Dame I 2019-004 42 × 32 in (106.68 × 81.28 cm)

Graphite with masking tape on parchment and paper

Notre Dame I

Gothic is a term inaccurately assigned to Frankish Mediaeval architecture, and originally was meant as a pejorative description of non-roman building by Italian Renaissance writers who likely viewed themselves as the descendants of Romans conquered by barbarous germans. In this case, the etymology of language itself says more about history than the function of the word as signifier, ie. Gothic. (vertical, pointed, devout)

We are all playing a game of telephone in the rippling pool of letterforms, pixels, pigments, and myriad phenomena of consciousness that make up the non-linear record of our daily lives. To me, the cathedral burning takes on a quality of a body under threat. A fire, that reorganized the matter comprising a mislabeled building that served as the coronation site of previous kings in previous times, which has been entirely rebuilt before and will be faithfully rebuilt again.

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